How to Use

First Connection

1. Launch Kindlian

2. Connect your Kindle to PC via USB

3. Press the Scan button

Kindlian will scan your e-Reader and backup all books to PC (C:/users/ [USER] /AppData/Roaming/Kindlian/books/)

4. Organize your library

Collections that you have on Kindle are not synced to Kindlian because Amazon doesn't let third party software access the collections file, but you can re-arrange collections very quickly:

5. Clean up your Kindle

- Click on Kindle in the left column

- select all books (Ctrl + A)
- press Del button on your keyboard
- select Remove from Device.

6. Copy the books that you read now back to Kindle

7. Eject Kindle


Subsequent use

1. When you connect Kindle, the new books (that you downloaded from Amazon) are automatically synced to your PC library

2. If you want to add books from your computer to Kindlian library - click Add book in the left column and select these books. If these books have non-Kindle format they will be converted to Kindle format MOBI (if the corresponded checkbox is set in the Options)

3. You can manage your library on PC even when Kindle is not connected