Frequently Asked Questions

What are the system requirements?

Kindlian works on Windows 7/8/10 and requires .Net Framework installed.


What Kindle versions are supported?

Kindlian works with all e-Ink Kindles including Paperwhite, Voyage and Oasis.


Are collections synced between PC and Kindle?

No, because Amazon doesn't let third party software to access the collections file. But the idea is that with the help of Kindlian you can keep your library on PC and organize books into collections only on PC. And on Kindle you can leave a couple of books that you read now, so you don't need collections on Kindle.


Where are the books stored on PC?

Books are stored in C:\Users\ [USER] \AppData\Roaming\Kindlian\books\


Can I add and manage non-Kindle books in Kindlian?

Yes, just click Add Book and select ebooks that you want to add to your library.


Can I open and read my Kindle-books in Kindlian?

Yes, Kindlian allows to open MOBI, PDF and non-DRM protected AZW books in internal reader.


Can Kindlian convert ebooks to MOBI?

Kindlian allows to convert EPUB, FB2 and HTML books to MOBI. To convert a book just add it to Kindle using Kindlian. If you don't want all books to be converted - uncheck the appropriate option in the Options.


How to edit book data in Kindlian?

To edit book make a right click on book and select Edit Book. You can edit book title, author, cover, description, series, series number. This data is stored only in Kindlian, but not in the book files.


How can I add/change a book cover?

To add/change book cover open a Book Card and click on the icon under the book cover. At that the Google Images window opens where you can find and select a new cover.


How can I add books to collections?

To add a book to collection just drag it to the needed collection in the left sidebar. You can select and add several books at once. One book can be stored in several collections.


How can I remove books from collection?

To remove books from collection, open this collection, select needed books, make a right click and select Remove from Collection.


How can I sort books in Kindlian?

To sort books switch to the List View. You can sort books by title, author, rating, series, file type and add date.


Can I manage my library on PC when Kindle is disconnected?

Yes, but you can't remove books from Kindle when it's disconnected.


What is OPDS catalogues?

The Open Publication Distribution System (OPDS) catalogs contain free ebooks. You can easily serach and download books from OPDS catalogues right in Kindlian. You can also add OPDS catalogues to the list.


Can I connect 2 or more Kindles to one library?

Yes, you can connect several Kindles to one library. All books from them will be copied to single library on PC.


Can Kindlian scan my existing PC library and add books to the database?

No, but if you want more powerful ebook management software that can do it and lots of other things, please check our another program Alfa Ebooks Manager or one of alternative book organizers.